50 Amazing Journal Prompts for Mental Health from Therapists

Journal Prompts for mental health improve your well being.

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Benefits of Mental Health Journaling

Journaling is a severely underrated activity. The benefits of routinely writing to targeted prompts can make massive benefits to your thought process and mood.

If you struggle with depression or anxiety, there is a good chance that it is perpetuated through self-defeating thoughts. Using journal prompts for mental health can change this!

That doesn’t mean there isn’t a neurochemical root- it simply means that you can take an active role in making real changes.

The process of journaling for mental health will systematically adapt thinking to become more optimistic and positioned in reality.

If you think this is the type of journaling is related to who you’re crushing on then you are wrong!

The benefits of mental health journaling can also impact your focus and confidence. You’ll find yourself living up to those expectations and plans you set for yourself.

Keep an open mind while beginning this process.

Starting a Mental Health Journal

There are various ways to start a mental health journal. As you gain more practice, you may find that you understand the proper perspectives and don’t need prompts as much.

However, when using journal prompts for mental health, you must be sure that you are providing enough information and detail to create an awareness of frequent self-defeating thoughts and perspectives you have.

That is where you will build growth!

Use the following prompts regularly. Make a commitment to journal at least once per day for 30 days. As you begin to make journaling a habit, you’ll shift your thinking with ease.

This strategy will be difficult at first. Creating habits always are. Set an alarm in your phone or find another way to remember and do it diligently.

If you make journaling a priority, you’ll have the best opportunity to make lasting change. You likely will also begin to notice your mindset shift during the day to identify those areas you’ve made improvement before even writing.

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Top Journals for Depression

Journal Prompts for mental health improve your well being.

1. Today I am grateful for ______ (try to come up with three!)

2. My personal dreams include______

3. The things I love most about myself are ______

4. I deserve to be happy because______

5. The most important people in my life are______ because ______

6. I’m worthy of being loved because______

7. What I like most about myself is______

8. The successes I’ve had in my life are______

9. My past doesn’t define who I am because______

10. I love myself because______

Top Journals for Anxiety

Journaling can be of great difficulty, but sometimes you must sit back and think hard about what needs improving.  Mental health prompts can drive that home.

11. Three examples of my fears being proved wrong are_____

12. My fears are unrealistic because______

13. I have grown and triumphed over my anxieties by______

14. My biggest anxiety is______ but a more realistic interpretation of it is______

15. Three expectations that I have for today are______

16. One way that I have control of my life is______

17. Three examples of my being safe and secure are______

18. Today, when feeling anxious, I will do the following to control my thoughts______

19. I can have control over my anxiety in the following ways______

20. When anxious, I will do the following to feel safe______

Top Journals for Personal Growth

Personal growth is an important area for your journaling.

21. I can rework my life’s narrative in the following ways______

22. Today, I learned______ and will implement tomorrow in the following ways______

23. My life’s goals are______

24. The skills that I need to accomplish my goals are______

25. This week I will accomplish the following______

26. I can be a better me by doing the following______

27. My definition of success for myself is______

28. One area that I need to improve upon is______

29. I can be a better person each day by doing______

30. I can demonstrate love for others by______

Top Journals for Confidence

Confidence can be improved through use of journal prompts.

31. I know that I’m not an impostor and am good enough because______

32. Today, I demonstrated success by______

33. I have a high level of skill at______

34. One things that I can teach others is______

35. I’m more than adequate because of my______

36. The things I did well today are______

37. Write a short story of you being the best you in a tough situation

38. Three examples my negative thoughts about myself are wrong______

39. I present myself well in front of others by doing______

40. I know I’m self-conscious about______ but can improve in this area by______

Top Journals for Focus

Make your focus a strength of yours by using these journal prompts for mental health

41. I can better handle my spare time by doing______

42. I must complete______ by the end of the week by______

43. The key takeaways from today are______

44. To be a better listener, I need to______

45. My priority tasks to complete are______

46. Paraphrase a difficult concept you learned today

47. In the moment, I can retain information better by______

48. Today, I was able to accomplish______

49. Tomorrow, I can do a better job of______ by______

50. I know I’m improving my focus when I’m doing______

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Journal Prompts for Mental Health Can Be Done Throughout The Day

As you can see, the noted journal prompts do not have be done at any one time. There are some that may serve better being reflective of the whole day, whereas others are best before you start.

There are even some noted journal prompts that can be done following specific events.

The point of using these prompts is to make a lasting change. Our minds are powerful tools that can be adjusted to improve our future, well being, and sense of self.

Give them a try! You have nothing to lose.

As you begin to grasp the concepts of journaling, you likely will be able to develop other prompts that are more targeted to your specific needs.

Let me hear your wins with journaling! I’d like to hear how you’re making lasting change. While you’re at it, subscribe to the mailing list to get an added journaling bundle!

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