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My Therapy Companion

Wish You Were Making Faster Progress in Therapy? 

Now You Can!

My Therapy Companion Is Developed to Help You Reach Your Goals FASTER!

Ben Barrett is a Clinical Social Worker and Addictions Counselor Who Created My Therapy Companion to Help You Achieve Your Goals FASTER.

  • Pre Session Exercises So You Know What You Want to Say
  • Post Session Exercises to Summarize and Drive Home Key Points
  • Daily Mood Tracker to Monitor Progress towards Goals
  • 40+ Pages to Supplement Your Work in Therapy
  • Guaranteed to Help- Written and Endorsed by Therapists

Why Do You Need My Therapy Companion?

You likely have a great therapist, but the process can still be slow going!

You have done or thought the following:

Therapy Is Going No Where

  • You've been going forever with no results
  • You are often skipping your appointments
  • Your sessions have no direction
  • You struggle thinking what to talk about next

Your Money Is Not Well Spent

  • Your copays are really adding up
  • Your anxiety increases when you check in
  • You purposefully schedule your appointments out far
  • You make excuses to not go

Save Your Time and Money

My Therapy Companion Is Guaranteed to Save Both Your Time and Money by Making Sessions More Effective!

Hear What Experts Say...

Kari Smith Health Blogger

“I’ve been suffering from intense anxiety for almost 3 years now, and I was lost… having trouble expressing the way that I felt and how to explain what I was going through. When I came across the “My Therapy Companion” workbook it was extremely helpful because it laid out the questions for me, and gave me the tools I needed in order to make my therapy sessions more effective. If you’re planning on seeing a therapist or are already seeing one, the “My Therapy Companion” is a great tool to get you started on the right track and make your therapy sessions worth your time. Thank you Ben for providing such a great tool…I wish I would’ve found you sooner.”

Heather LeGuiloux Psychotherapist and Blogger

“The resource ‘My Therapy Companion’ that Ben The How to Social Worker has created reveals a wealth of knowledge about the therapy process, as well as practical resources that can be used during, in-between and following, therapy sessions. Entering into a therapeutic relationship can be a big step in the direction of healing, and it can often be a lot harder than anticipated. Having a dedicated resource to prepare for the first session, highlight goals, share progress or obstacles, and focus on mindfulness while working with a therapist can make the healing journey smoother. I would encourage anyone who is entering therapy for the first time, or who would like help to track their progress and mood over the course of therapy, to check out this incredible resource.”

Questions About My Therapy Companion?

Who Should Use This Workbook?

My Therapy Companion is created primarily for anyone who is in, or about to begin, therapy.  If you do not plan to start therapy, you may not receive as much benefit from the workbook as others. 

What Benefits Can I Expect?​

If you use this workbook as described in its contents, you will experience more effective therapy.  And with more effective therapy, you can expect to reach your goals faster!

Do You Guarantee Results?​

Yes! If your therapy sessions are not more effective, and as a result you are unsatisfied, I will give you your money back!  I simply ask that you show that you’ve used the workbook as indicated through several sessions.

How is This Workbook Going to Help Me?​

My Therapy Companion will help you identify even the smallest change between therapy sessions.  Once identified, the workbook will help you promote this change making you need fewer therapy sessions to reach your goal.

What Does The Workbook Include?

The workbook includes over 40 pages of reading and workbook material to promote your growth.  There are both pre and post session worksheets in addition to daily evaluations to learn about your individualized progress.

Will I get Any Updated Versions?​

Yes! Your original purchase will carry forward for additional versions of the workbook at no additional cost. 

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