My Therapy Companion: A Workbook to Success in Therapy

$29.00 $17.00


My Therapy Companion: A Workbook to Success in Therapy

$29.00 $17.00

My Therapy Companion is a workbook to help those in therapy make quicker and measurable progress.  Order the workbook now for a huge discount!


Post First Session

First, congratulations on following through with your first therapy session.  In all honesty, it takes a special kind of person to recognize there is a problem.  

It says even more that you want to fix it. The process of therapy is not to place blame on anyone.  In-fact, everyone acts rationally based upon their personal view of the world.

You have stepped outside of that subjective view and sought assistance in re-examining how you react to your environment.  Even though you may be in therapy because of how other people make you feel, there is a caveat.

You cannot control how anyone acts other than yourself.  And that’s what therapy will help you come to terms with. Along that path you will also learn how to control your reactions by settling conflictual thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

What is your therapy goal?

I want you to journal about your thoughts, feelings, and emotions following your first therapy session.  How did you respond to talking about your problem? What obstacles do you foresee continuing in therapy? How did you feel physically?


Tired of going to therapy and making little to no progress?  Order My Therapy Companion Workbook to make actionable steps toward your goals.


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