My Therapy Companion will help you prepare for therapy. This workbook will help you make sessions more effective leading to cheaper costs to you.

My Therapy Companion: A Workbook to Success in Therapy

Tired of going to therapy and making little to no progress?  Order My Therapy Companion Workbook to make actionable steps toward your goals.

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Mental Health Job Help

Coaching Call

Are you stuck and in need of some help?  Let’s link up and talk about it.  I will help discuss topics related to depression, anxiety, and professional development.  As someone who’s been through mental health struggles myself and am now a practicing clinician, my insight can be invaluable to your success.

The How to Social Worker Resume Template

Resume Template

With our resume template, simply plug in your experiences following the prompts.  This resume is the same style we use when creating one for customers.  If you’re like me, you want to do it yourself.  Here is your chance.  This contemporary resume template can be customized to your liking providing the biggest return on your career opportunities!

Clinical social work connections

Resume Update

A fine tuned resume is key to getting in front of a potential employer.  Utilize The How to Social Worker to support your career search.  We will provide a personalized touch by updating all relevant information and target the document to specific jobs of interest using a contemporary resume design.  Your resume will stand out!


Cover Letter

A cover letter lays the foundation for an employer’s impression of you.  Don’t leave this impression to chance.  The How to Social Worker has experience in targeting your dream job with your personalized cover letter.  Let us help you land that dream job!

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