Social Work Careers and Opportunities

Social Work Careers and Opportunities

If you’re like me, you are looking for ways to advance in your social work career.  Starting out in the mental health profession can be overwhelming between learning practice techniques and navigating the office politics. How are you expected to get a grasp of your career ladder with all of that in the mix? I have asked myself this same question.  And over the last several years, the answer has come together- maybe not with as much elegance as I’d hoped.  But that’s where you can learn from where I had stumbled. If you want to progress in your social work career, here is your guide.  My investment is adding quality practitioners to the field.  If these criteria fit you, then let’s get started.

Social Work Careers Tips and Tricks

Step 1- Let’s first establish that when you apply for a job, it is your cover letter that should guide the employer to your resume.  This cover letter should highlight the skills you want to stick out in the resume also. It’s unfortunate that this letter is all too often seen as simply an introduction and where you found the job posting.  It’s much more than that.
Social Work Career Opportunities
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Step 2- Your cover letter must easily transition to your resume.  And like the cover letter, the resume is often misunderstood.  It should not be a chronological list of jobs and job tasks.  Let’s say you are a school teacher; there likely isn’t much job variation between the teacher of one school and another. With social work, it’s not much different.  Instead of simply listing job tasks, you must expand upon what you succeeded in and brought to the organization.  You are selling yourself here. Step 3- At the interview, the employer knows you can do the job.  Believe it or not, the interview isn’t to determine ability.  It is to determine whether you will fit in with the team. So, what are your tricks to make the most of this?  Personality and poise.  You do not need to have a stick up your rear for most interviews.  In fact, if I interviewed somewhere like that, I’d walk out.  That work environment is not for me.  I suspect you’re in the same boat.

Let’s Expand on Social Work Careers and Opportunities

These documents are certainly a critical part of getting your social work job.  But, that’s simply the start of your journey.  You still have practice approaches and office politics to worry about. That’s a lot to take on! There are three smart choices you can make as an investment in yourself and career. Choice 1- Sign up for our free Newsletter to get exclusive content on career development and practice approaches including Self-Care Tips and the Top 10 Interview Questions with Answers! Choice 2- Navigate our content, learn, and ask questions.  I respond to everyone, because your development helps the social work field.  And don’t forget to let us know your personal updates and achievements on our Facebook page! Choice 3- Visit our Marketplace and jump start your opportunities as a social worker.  The products are all top notch and customizable to YOU.
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