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Take care of your wellness with exercise

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Effective Wellness Tips for 2020

While moving through the year 2020, we had many good resolutions to take care of our wellness and make it the best year of our lives.

We had plans for developing a bright financial profile, strong physical and mental health, and improving finally meeting personal development goals. 

But due to the devastating COVID – 19 crisis, we have been stunted in fulfilling our resolutions for the time being. 

The pandemic has had a huge impact on our daily lives- most notably, our physical and mental health.

We should not forget that humans are the ultimate survivors. 

We have faced many disasters and pandemics from the very beginning of human civilization. This current crisis carries the same precautions to prevail.  

We must listen to the experts and live our lives safely through wearing a mask, using universal precautions, and forming new healthy habits. 

Getting healthy can still be done in unique ways.

Deciding to achieve wellness is half the battle.  Though, we need to be clear about our goals.  

If they are too broad, we may not be able to measure the success we’re seeking. With proper planning, determination, and focus we can achieve our optimal health goals.  

Taking care of yourself doesn’t have to be complicated!

Here are some of my best wellness tips to finish out 2020 healthy and happy.  

Let’s check them out and learn how to implement these in your life.

1. Make Efforts towards Happiness

A happy mood is key to positive well being.  It is easier said than done, however.  

Taking care of yourself must include taking control of your own happiness.  Avoid negativity and allow yourself to enjoy positive experiences.  

Repeat what makes you happy.

Everything is in the mind. If negativity sticks, positivity will be more difficult to experience. 

Get a healthy amount of sleep to improve your well being.

2. Get Eight Hours of Sleep

When stressed, getting enough sleep can be difficult.  During this coronavirus outbreak, it is no different.  For most adults, eight hours of sleep is the recommended amount.  

If you are struggling to achieve eight hours, you can take care of yourself through following a strict schedule.  

Identify when you want to be up in the morning and count backwards eight hours.  That is your time to go to sleep, whether tired or not.

Once your body adapts to this schedule, your body and mind will become more energized and focused. 

You will have no problem being active the whole next day!  And as a result, you’ll be more productive in your work.

3. Avoid Homemade Detox- Keep it Natural

Do not entertain all the homemade detoxification strategies shared in social media. The human body is well designed to handle its own detoxing. 

According to Rachel Fine, RD, CSSD, CDN, a registered dietitian – “From the liver and skin to our intestines, we are metabolically wired to naturally excrete waste that builds from both natural metabolism and from our environment. Cleanses place havoc on your metabolism with the constant cycle of under-eating and over-eating.” 

To help your body’s natural process of detoxification, consume a balanced diet with plenty of fresh veggies and fruits. Adding in good fats, lean protein, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates are also important to taking care of your wellness.

Here are some extra tips:, drink plenty of water; stop smoking; and limit alcohol.  These are easier said than done but are very important to your health.

yoga and other exercise is a solid means to take care of yourself.

4. Do A Proper Workout

Daily exercise is important to take care of your wellness.  With proper workout, you burn fat fast and remove toxins from your body through sweating. 

Regular cardio exercise will make your heart pump well and strong. Cardio is specific to your ability.  It can be running, jogging, push-ups, dancing, etc. 

Want an added benefit? Research shows that a 15-minute midday walk can boost your concentration levels and gives you energy for the rest of the day.

There’s some research that also suggests exercise will improve memory, cognition, and language and speech processing.

5. Use less Salt and Sugar in Your Diet

Consuming too much salt can increase your blood pressure.  In turn, this can lead to increased risk of heart disease and stroke. The recommended amount of salt per day is 1.5-2.3 grams per day.

Watch the salt in your diet is central to taking care of yourself.

Ever look at what makes up most condiments? Salt.

Sugar, on the other hand, can cause different problems.

If you consume too much sugar, it may cause tooth decay, diabetes, and excessive weight gain. 

The recommended amount of sugar per day is about 36 grams for men and 25 grams for women.

According to the WHO your sugar intake should be less than 5% of total energy intake.

So use your sugar wisely.  Think twice if you want to use your daily amount in snacks, sodas, candies, and even in your tea or coffee.

6. Check Your Blood Pressure Regularly

Hypertension, known colloquially as high blood pressure, is dangerous for your health.  It can affect major organ systems such as heart, brain, kidney, and increase susceptibility to some diseases. 

If you have high blood pressure, follow your doctor’s recommendations.

The symptoms of high blood pressure include headaches, excessive sweating, breathlessness, fatigue, and more.  These symptoms may actually mimic some mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.  

And during this pandemic, those are in no short supply!

If you’re looking for some help in reducing your anxiety, look no further.  The How to Social Worker has some great practical tips to take care of your wellness in 2020.

7. Always Have Safe Sex

Adults should not neglect their sexual health and well-being during this pandemic. 

Clearly, there are added risks with intimacy during this pandemic, so please follow all universal precautions recommended by the CDC to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Intimacy with a consenting partner has many health benefits and can combat anxiety and depression.  However, be sure to practice safe sex!  The use of a condom can prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

There is some research also that suggests a preventative measure to HIV can be pre-exposure prophylaxis.  However, please speak with your doctor before starting any medications.

Sex and self care go hand-in-hand.  Here’s a list of many more self-care strategies if intimacy is too high risk for you right now.  

Cell phone addiction is not healthy for your wellness.

8. Give Your Eyes Some Rest

It’s likely your screen time has increased with the pandemic.  If you spend too much time in front of screens then you may experience some issues including headaches, dry eyes, itching, blurred vision and more. 

So, you should provide rest to your eyes after 20 minutes of viewing.  This can be as simple as taking a 20-second break and keeping the screen as far away as you can.

You may also use anti-glare glasses while viewing. Consult an eye specialist if you face any serious eye-related problems.

9. Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Stress and anxiety can create serious mental health issues and weaken your immune system if it becomes chronic. It also can lead to an increase in your blood pressure and cause a heart attack.

If you can better manage stress and anxiety you can prevent many physical symptoms like headaches, digestive issues, fatigue, panicking, insomnia, irritability, loss of appetite, etc.

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There are many ways to manage anxiety and stress. Along with medications, there are some DIY methods to reduce anxiety and stress. 

Some of the best and easiest ways to reduce anxiety and stress are connecting with your family and friends, eat healthy, sleep well, exercise daily, meditate, entertain yourself with music and arts, and spend quality time with your kids.


There are many things that can affect your wellbeing. Multiple issues can emerge during this pandemic should proper and meaningful steps to sustain your wellness be ignored.  

Do your best to stay focused on your wellness goals and praise yourself for even small wins. Consider these strategies to take care of your well being in 2020!

Ralph Macey, a professional writer since 2008 and medical health/patient care coordinator at savantcare.com since 2014, writes articles on all mental health-related subjects. He holds a degree and two professional certifications in his field and continues to upgrade his knowledge with additional classes and seminars. He has provided mental health consultations and private fitness instructions for free in his local community.

Guest Writer for The How to Social Worker

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